Beautiful Blacks

Included in this package are two bay black females to add to your foundation breeding stock. Gabrielle and Savannah are sisters. They descend from one of our very first foundation females who is an excellent producer and passed this trait on to both of her girls.


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Female Starter Package

This package has been put together for the farm that is looking to start with some females to start their alpaca herd. They would be excellent as companion animals, fiber producers, or as starter breeding stock. All descend from proven producers who are easy breeders, birthers, and just overall ...


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Fiber Package

We have animals available for the fiber enthusiasts who are interested in either adding to an existing fiber herd or starting a new one. Whether you prefer a group of females, or a group of males, we can help you get started or advise you on picking out some exceptional fiber producers. Call or se...

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Starter Foundation Package

We are offering this outstanding starter package for the new breeder or the established breeder looking to add a variety of genetics to their already established herd. Jefferson, a two-time champion has inherited the lasting fineness, or what we like to call "sustainable fleece quality" from his ...


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